Thursday, 2 February 2012

Well that was January (and a bit of February)

A month on from my new year resolution to get fit, and what's happened.

Well I've stuck with it.  I've only had one rest day a week, if that, and have cycled into work once a week.  I've been to the track and I've started running off road (a bit).  I've hardly drunk any beer and I've eaten properly.  And I've eaten tons of fruit.  Oh the fruit...

I ran for 88 miles and I cycled for 270.  I did three spin classes.  Like a girl.

Not sure if I've actually lost any weight but whatever weight I am has moved about - trousers that were a tad tight are now a perfect fit.  I feel far fitter on the bike, and have toasted The Herb up some hills a few times.

I'm starting to enjoy feeling fitter again, which is a good sign - but as I said last time February's going to be a challenge.  Edinburgh this weekend to see Stuart Lancaster's new look England take on the Scots, where pies and beer will be consumed.  The back to it next week, but two nights away including dinner with some journalists (finishes at 9 though, so hopefully a sober night).  Then off to Morzine - given how much your legs hurt when skiing I'm assuming it does you some good, but I think I'm going to take my spiky things and maybe get at least one run in, if only a couple of miles.  But again - beer will be drunk.

Then it's back home and back to work, but the following weekend K and I are off to Keswick for our anniversary.  I have a pass out for a run up Skiddaw (which I've never been up) and I'm wondering if I might manage a swift ride up Whinlatter and back, but that might be pushing it.

Key objectives for the opportunities I do have will be to get a longer run in each week.  Once I'm back from France I should hopefully be able to do something longer after work - maybe a run home once in a while.  Bike miles will also be tricky, so I might have to try and get the motivation to add a few extras in on the way home from work once it gets a bit lighter too.

I started Feb with a very steady four miler after work in the dark last night, then tonight, despite a few cry offs (Hinsley, The Herb and Sue) Rob T and his daughter Sophie came along.  Rob took over Sue's mantle by kicking my arse, but he did spur me on to a slightly quicker pace than of late.  We did 6x800m off 200m recoveries - my reps were 3:01, 2:58, 2:58, 3:00, 2:59 and 2:53 - pretty happy with those despite Rob disappearing further into the distance every lap!

And soon it'll be March!  I have entered the Coniston 14 in March, so whilst I won't expect to set the world on fire respectability might be nice.