Monday, 11 March 2013

Another week, another not been out on my bike...

This not getting out on the bike is getting serious.  I've only done abiout 150 miles all year, whereas proper roadies will be pushing 1500+.  Poor.  Must do better.

So I've been running.

London this week did see me do a massive 2.5m on a Boris Bike at a blistering 8mph, then a very stuttering, wobbly run along the river and back.  A combination of commuters, tourists, sailing boats and detours saw me record probably the slowest 4 and a bit miles ever, but at least it was something.

Home again Friday night then a delightful (and easy) 8 miles with Izz and The Herb Saturday morning.  Unfortunately Mothers' Day got in the way of a bike ride on Sunday, and my lunchtime run today was scuppered by not having any shoes with me - however an early dart will mean that at least I'll get summat done later.

But bike.  BIKE!!!!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Whoops, sorry readers...

Off we went to France and then sort of forgot the blog.  You might even think I'd done bugger all exercise...

Well you'd be wrong.

A belting week in the Portes du Soleil, with tons of snow on piste, but quality off-piste a bit scarce, saw M & L come on leaps and bounds in their skiing - both got 5* with "merit" (whatever that means).  I managed to tick the Couloir de la Morte (and that certainly doesn't mean death - it's more the Couloir de la Fairly Mild with a Few Steep Bits).

Back home on the Sunday and it was back to it with a decent 5x1k with Hinsley on the Tuesday.  We aimed for 95 second laps, which is 6:20miling, and we managed that without too much trouble.  Then a couple of road sessions after work before heading off to the lakes for our anniversary weekend in a posh hotel.  Now posh hotels invariably mean beer, but I managed to remain reasonably steady on nthe Friday night, and set off for a bike ride Saturday morning.  Initially I'd intended to go over Kirkstone, up to the A66 then back via St Johns in the Vale and Dunmail - however K wasn't keen on being left alone for 4 hours, so I rode up to Troutbeck, then up to the top of Kirkstone (which is a right long way) then back down to Bowness, over the ferry and back to Ambleside via Hawkshead.  A nice 26 miles and a feeling I'd done "something".

Looking up to the Kentmere Horsehoe from Troutbeck
Lily and Anna came to the track again this week, so whilst they knocked out speedy 300's, Rich and I did 8x600m, which we increased the pace on to 93 second laps, again without too much stress.  Rich is getting a bit ambitious though, so next time he wants to try to get closer to 90 second laps.  We'll see...

On my way to London now, so once my 5pm meeting's finished I'll hopefully get out for a few steady ones before tea.