Saturday, 16 February 2013

Last one for a bit

Off to France tomorrow so today was the last chance for a run before my legs get tired from skiing rather than running or cycling.

Saturday morning so Herb and I set off with Izz to Silsden for a long slow one.  Ten was the appointed distance, so me, Herb and a rather unenthusiastic Izzy set off down Holden Lane towards the canal.  Lovely day, and one that couldn't make its mind up whether it was cold or not.  Gloves, no hat and jacket were the clobber of choice, and a very steady pace of about 8:20 was the level of effort.

It was grand - Izz was remarkably well behaved, and entertained herself by racing ducks along the towpath.  Legs were ok, but felt it by the end.

Job done - now for packing, skiing and a cheeky beer or two.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Steady lunchtime

Just the 4 miles today - weather warmer, legs better.

Off to Portes du Soleil next week so no running - best do some skinning uphill instead.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

1k reps. They hurt.

Sunday is Cycling Day! Although this week it was Not Cycling Day.  A threat of snow, and a possibility of being called out to rescue K from her perilous journey to Sheffield to see Strictly Come Ice Diving Get Me Out Of Here Live meant me and Herb decided on a second run of the weekend.  It's nice having Herb and Izzy along for a run.

Canal route - plan to do 7 miles in about an hour, but improving fitness meant we chucked in a couple of 7:30 miles so our planned hour came in at 56mins.  Nice.

A steady 5 yesterday, including me finally getting round to running round the Carleton "triangle", which makes a nice 5 miler from Gateway House.  New clever headtorch was good too.

Then tonight to the track with Lils and her mate Anna.  Hinsley got stuck at work so I was on my lonesome (apart from the occasional wave to Vic, who was doing some bizarre hour long warm up thing in a huge luminous (and voluminous) hat).  Slimline Hinsley seems keen to do our old 6x1k session off 200m recoveries, but until my stamina is back to old levels I'd rather make the efforts 3 miles or so, so 5x1k was the plan.

Pleased with the pace and consistency - 3:56, 3:56, 3:55, 3:55 and 3:57 with about 76 second recoveries.  Again the HR never went through the roof so as I get stronger (and lighter) I should be able to go a bit quicker.

The Reverend seems to be on form - 20:22 at Parkrun this weekend - I think I'll wait for the John Carr races to make my 5k comeback, but it might be Lils fancies a run out one of these days.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Back off the road again

Herb and I have settled into a nice routine of an early(ish) long(ish) run on a Saturday morning, and we've decided to alternate flat "on road" (well, on towpath) weeks with off-road runs up on the fell.

Plan today was a 9am start, and I was grateful of my continued abstinence from alcohol - I was hosting/compering an awards thing at work last night with a free bar and lots of very drunk people.  I did my bit (comedy gold in case you were wondering) then drove home for about 10:30.

I did get a call from Herb at 8:45 n he was up to his ankles in poo as their drain's blocked again, so it was half nine before me, him and Izz set off to Halton East.

The pull up the green lane was slippy, and Herb struggled gratifyingly, so even if Hinsley gave me a bit of a spanking last week I can at least rely on Herb to make me feel better.  Through the gate Izzy disgraced herself by having "an incident" with a sheep, so it was back on the lead for the rest of the run.  I think I need to start taking some treats with me, as whilst she behaves immaculately off the lead on the road, when there's sheep or (worse) birds about she shoots off and can't seem to control herself - I wonder if a pocketful of smelly goodies might help.

Elevation - have we run over the Eiger?
Anyway, we did the public footpath route over the fell past the shooting butts, and got home wet, muddy and slightly sweaty after just over an hour.  This is a great run - and one I should start doing after work some times - the pull up onto the moor is good for the legs, and it's just about long enough to feel like a decent effort.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back t'Track

After trying but failing to get to the track every Tuesday since Christmas, this evening finally saw me and The Reverend back at Greenhead and, whilst not raring, at least willing to go.  Sadly Lily's indoor athletics finals were cancelled today because of snow, but things had "warmed" up by this evening so apart from an arctic wind all was well.

Hinsley was keen to do 6x1k, but as this is my first time on the track since September (where does the time go?) I suggested 6x800m.  Hinsley was looking worryingly slim compared to the blob that we cycled with last September, and sure enough he was well up on our first rep, even though I was almost bang on the agreed pace of 1:35 per lap.

He did slow down a bit, but even though I was ahead on reps 4 and 5 by the time the last one came he was ahead and in the last 100m left me for dead.  I clearly have work to do...

He did confess to having lost a stone and a half since last September, which explains his sprightliness, but even so he's doing really well to be running just about as fast as he did when we were running a lot.  I, meanwhile, am running about 8 or 9 seconds a lap slower than at my fittest - but then again I suppose I'm a stone and a bit heavier than that - still, the weight's still coming off and I reckon I'll be at fighting weight by the end of March.

On looking at the watch, we did pretty well considering the target was 3:10 per rep - 3:06, 3:07, 3:08, 3:08, 3:11, 3:08 - all off 200m recoveries of c75seconds.  My heart rate wasn't right up, so I suspect there's more speed to come if we keep it up regularly - plan is every Tuesday as long as work doesn't intervene.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Back in the saddle

After the snow went I've had a decent week - although with travelling I was limited to three midweek runs.  getting quicker though, with sub-8 min miling feeling pretty comfortable.

Herb, Izzy and i went out for our "long" run yesterday - we debated how long all the way, and ended up turning just short of the Tesco road as Herb had to get back for a luncheon appointment.  Izzy was exceptionally well behaved - she seems to have grown up all of a sudden - you never know, perhaps K will like her soon!

We got back to the car with a small amount of time to spare and only quarter of a mile to make it a ten miler, so we jogged down the road and back to the car, much to Izzy's bemusement.  Anyway - 10 miles in a tad under 85 minutes - slower than last week's snowy effort, but a much pleasanter experience with Herb to chat to.

Then today was pencilled in for a return to cycling.  We'd decided our leggy weggies would be tired after yesterday, so dispensed with the Skipton CC 50 miler, wise in light of the weather.  We just did a bimble up Wharfedale to Linton then back via Rylstone - very hard work in the wind, and felt to be an effort all out of proportion to a fairly gentle 18 miles.  Still, the bike's out of the shed.

Difficult to believe it's February.  Weight loss os going ok - still no beer outside the Alps, and I've discovered turkey mince as an alternative to beef, so my red meat consumption is way down.  I think I've lost 9lbs or so in just over 4 weeks, so the 2lbs a week formula still holds good.  Just got to keep it up for another 10 weeks or so!