Saturday, 17 March 2012

A week of curry

Just back from a few days working in India, so multiple curries and no exercise at all has been the order of the day.  Seems that I may have brought a little intestinal present back with me, so this may be another weekend off - which will be the longest I've done nothing for ages.

Back to it this week hopefully - possibly a quick blast on the bike if my insides'll let me, and maybe a run round the ressie with Lily later.  She's in the N Yorks county xc finals, so needs to be on tip top form by the end of the month.  I like to think that our one lap of the reservoir with the dog last weekend had something to do with her third place in the area finals...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's been ages!

Sorry, occasional blog-readers - been a bit busy.  Firstly with sone skiing (it was awesome, apart from the losing Lily bits, which were a bit scary).  M & L proved to be excellent skiers and had a brilliant time.  Both of them managed a series of red runs and on our last day they both got down a black run.  Now given that lots of people spend years getting up the courage to even look over the edge of something with black lollipops down it, I think that the girls done good (even if it was pretty benign).

Me and Arr had some fun on a few steeps and powdery bits, so you could definitely say I'm "keen on skiing" again.

Since we've got back I've eased myself back into stuff - a few runs each week, the occasional bike commute, and a desperately cold 50 miler with the club last weekend.  Tomorrow's my "putting something back" day when I'm going to lead the C group - but all the way I shall be thinking of my new bike that I've ordered from Germany that I'll be riding this summer.

Roll on April...