Monday, 6 December 2010

Super Spikes do it again

Out with The Herb at lunch today on a very cold day - -12ยบ when we left home this morning.  Microspikes on just past Tesco and wound The Herb up by sprinting off whenever we hit a patch of ice.  A very steady 5miler, and not entirely sure of pace as I was on iPhone timing due to forgetting my watch.

All was going swimmingly, and we'd even stopped to let Andrew experience the magic of the spikes, when he complained of a pain in his calf, then suddenly let out a yelp and stopped - torn calf is the disgnosis from me, as it sounds exactly like both of my tears.  Bugger for the big lad - he's just getting back into regular running after about 2 years of injury.

Also today we got to view the super new showers at work - 6 shower cubicles, permanent lockers and a cage each for us "regulars" in the spiffing drying room.  Luxury - very chuffed.  No excuse not to run and cycle now (apart from it's coming up to Christmas, it's freezing and I seem to be out on the lash every other night).

Also ordered K's new car - a small 4WD to help her get out when it's slippy, but also wangled a detachable towbar as part of the deal, so will be splashing out on a posh bike rack so we can travel to various sportives in style!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sticking at it in the snow

 Having said we'd escaped the worst of the snow last weekend, it arrived with a vengeance in the Dales this week, with several quite big dumps.  I've managed to keep running, just, although the mileage has suffered a bit.  Well a lot, actually...

Tuesday saw me on the canal at lunch for 5 miles at around 8 min pace, then on Friday I did the same run, but this time in my Microspikes.  These are fast fitting min-crapons that make a huge difference on packed snow or ice.  I ran a half mile warm up then three comfortable miles at around 7:10 pace - no way I would have dared run that fast in trail shoes.

Spent yesterday driving to Barnsley and back to test drive a car for K, then today dawned clear and cold after a minor thaw.  Off road was the decision, but with a Christmas tree to put up, sledging to be done and a dog to be romped, it had to be shortish.

I decided to run over the crag the short way, so up via Eastby and back past the reservoir.  Harder climbing than out normanl route, but much shorter.  I messed up my Garmin stopping to take pictures, but I reckon it's just short of 4 miles but with a fair bit of climbing - maybe 800' or so.  The snow was fairly deep in a couple of places, but all runnable, and apart form a short section on the descent I didn't feel I needed my spikes on.

Must get some miles done this month though - last december was almost 120 miles of running.  It's the 5th and I've managed a whole 9!