Thursday, 6 February 2014

Low mileage months

January was my lowest mileage month since I started this getting fitter lark - mainly on account of a long weekend skiing, but also the crap weather and if I'm honest a bit of a fall in motivation.  Once I'm on my bike all is well, but with this being the third month of coming home from work in the dark and with an endless series of Atlantic storms pushing wet and windy weather through, it has got a bit hard at times.

Weekends have been ok, and compared to the people I ride with I seem to be holding my own fitness-wise - Herb has been toasted nicely a few times, and with the exception of Rich Sutcliffe from SCC, I seem to be able to get up hills as fast as most.

Skipton CC has now started a chaingang, and whilst I've only been three times (which is as many times as it's happened) it's a really good, fun way of getting a decent effort in and getting home for elevenses.

I've got a mount for my Garmin Virb camera, so have knocked up a little film of the last one - Herb's really earning his nickname of "The Meat" when pushing big gears on the flat - 28mph along Bingley by-pass...

January ended up being 610 miles for the month - which would be easily the biggest mileage month prior to last May, but is actually the lowest in about nine months.  February's likely to be a low mileage month too, with a full week away skiing, as well as work getting in the way a bit.  Once March is here and we start getting lighter nights, I should be able to increase my Monday to Friday mileage, which seems to have stabilised at about 75-80 up 100, which I regard as "par" these days.

I'll need to, as we've now had confirmation we're in the Fred Whitton on May, which is followed a week later by the Etape du Dales.  Tough old seven days...

The next event is a sportive up in the Eden Valley, which will be Bob's comeback event - he had his hip replaced just before Christmas, so he'll be doing really well riding a 60 mile sportive this soon.

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