Thursday, 13 February 2014

Another super low (well, no) mileage week

Lots of travel with work this week - London, Glasgow and Burnsall - combined with a couple of nights of beer has meant no time on the bike since Sunday.

The weekend was, however, surprisingly not bad.  We're still having a series of massive low pressure areas blasting off the Atlantic, which has meant very strong winds - generally westerly or southerly.  Saturday in preparation for the Fred, Herb and I rode over Carleton Moor and over towards Haworth into a block headwind.  Hard going, but a good workout for just under 40 miles.  Then on Sunday we went with the club over to ride the course of the Pool Triangle 10m TT - but of course being at Pool the ride was actually over 50 miles.  The wind was howling out of the west, so we averaged about 22 mph for the ride over, then battled back at nearer 14 mph.

I might get out briefly tomorrow, but as I'm off skiing again on Saturday I may leave it and get back on it when we come back.

Either way, we're not under 90 days to the Fred.  I'm still about 5-7lbs heavier than I'd like to be, but with a very posh chalet and really good food next week I'll worry about that when we get home!

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